Dates with a mission

We help people with a disadvantage in the labor market

Our story

Peace of Dates is a collaboration between two non-profit organizations. ZHO from the United Arab Emirates and Hameshakem from Israel. Both organizations offer work to people with a disadvantage in the labor market.

In collaboration with Hadiklaim and Palm Fruits, we are launching a new packaging with two types of dates, packed by the people who work for these organizations.

Medjoul Dadels

The Medjoul date is also called “king of dates”. They have earned this name because they are larger, softer and a lot tastier than other date varieties. Medjoul premium dates are harvested at the peak of ripeness, naturally sun-hardened and quickly cooled to lock in the moist freshness.



Safawi Dadels

The Safawi date is a moist, soft date variety. Safawi dates have a dark black color and consist of medium and long fruits. The Safawi date has a refined texture and taste. The Safawi palm tree is characterized by its productivity.

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